Monday, October 22, 2007

Am I Psychic?

I took a psychic test couple of days ago, here is the answer I got:

Dear Mrs. Gough

Thank you for your interest in the Institute of Psychic Development. Your psi-q test results as requested are as follows.

You scored highest in Precognition.

While clairvoyance and telepathy have to do with perceiving events across distance precognition focuses on the ability to 'see' events across time. Specifically future events. Precognition is often for a lot of people totally unexpected and not asked for. It is the ability to see the future. It is usually experienced in a variety of ways among the most common are through feelings, brief inner glimpses, dreams and the third eye (the minds eye). For some, especially if not understood, this ability can be disconcerting until the gift is properly managed. This can be done through reading, experiencing and understanding psychic ability.

Your next highest score was for Channeling.

One who communicates with spirits is called a channeler or medium. Chan nelling is the ability to communicate with those who once lived or with spirit who have never taken a human form such as angelic beings. Channeling is the communication that takes place between a spirit and a living human. There are several forms of spirit communication and a channeler does not have to be in a trance state to receive messages. However, with regard to the quality of channelled information it is reliant on the channeler rather than the spirit. This is because the information has to be passed in an energy form for interpretation from the channeler. If the channeler has not learnt the skill adequately the information can seem vague and jumbled.

Channeling can be a learned skill. As you learn though, it is important to remember that everyone has a different experience of what it is like to channel. Your style will depend on your spirit guide and your particular energy level, focus, and clarity. Before consciously channelling it is a good idea to learn the skills of quietening the mind. This is to ensure the quality of information you receive. Many people however, experience 'unconscious' channelling a random act of communication with a loved one who has passed over. This means a person has the ability to successfully channel but has not yet developed it.

You can discover how to further develop your abilities in Precognition and Channeling, as well as the full range of psychic abilities, with our Psychic Development program, now available as an immediate mp3 and ebook download.

Yours sincerely,

Heidi Sawyer
Course Director
Institute of Psychic Development


jayant said...

That was very very interesting indeed.
I wudnt say you're psychic,I'd rather say that you're "gifted".At times I've also realised that I've this precognition ability but not the rest of them.Wish you all the luck!
Hopefully some day you can see across time for me and tell me whether I'll be able to see the rest of the world,esp Europe, or not..
keep posting..

carra said...

I can see lots of things across the time, but sometimes it is better to stay silent. If I told people everything I knew, they'd think I am crazy or jealous. So I stay quiet. I find out at the end if what I believed I knew was right.

Richard said...

I was very interested in parapsychology when I waqs younger. However, I now mostly disbelieve it.

I love this sentence: Precognition is often for a lot of people totally unexpected.

What delicious irony.

carra said...

Richard do you think we start disbelieving certain things once "we grow out of them" because of other people's influence around us?
I believe everyone has capacities for wonderful things, that we call a "gift" but then when one considers that we use only very small percentage of our brain, maybe using a little bit more could trigger something that is not quite ordinary? I think as human beings we limit ourselves very much.

Anonymous said...

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