Monday, October 22, 2007

Me, me it's all about me!

Lucky me! Today I received an e-mail from an editor in an English newspaper in Spain. They are interested in what I write. That makes it really great as I am already considered a regular contributor in the paper where I was published earlier this month.
Life is beautiful.

I am also working very hard on my current projects (some of them involve a great amount of research). I am also "brewing" a possibly very interesting idea for a new project in a near future.

My husband may think that I am lazy, and he is right when it comes to housework, but believe me if I worked any harder with my writing, my fingertips would fall off!

Have a nice day!


jayant said...

Hello and Congrats!!!
So happy to hear that you're heading in the right direction.I was irregular to the net these days and missed out on some of ur latest posts.however i'll try and cover up quickly.
wishing u loads of succes....

carra said...

Thank you Jayant! It feels good, i feel like I am actually in control of what's going to happen with my writing career!

Richard said...

I think housework is overrated.

Apply Pareto's Principle and do 80% of the job in 20% of the time.

Sofia disagrees with me. It takes me 1 hour to vacuum the house. It takes her 6-8 hours (of course, she is picking things up and putting things away).

If it is good enough, then there is no need to waste time doing it better. I would rather quickly vacuum lightly everyday, than do a big effort once per week (better yet, I am thinking of getting one of those Roomba's and have it vacuum daily).

carra said...

Richard If you knew how much I hate housework, I always do it as fast as I can to get it out of the way so I can do the important stuff (i.e. write) I do apply that rule very time! Now I am dreaming of getting published earning a few thousand pounds and employing a cleaner! That's what I want, but the way the things are going right now, it won't be long!

b said...

That is great news...things are just coming along so quickly, aren't they? I'm so happy to hear that! Your writing talents more than make up for your lack of passion to do housework!!! Anyone can do housework! :)

Cindy Breninger said...

Hi! How exciting, that is great! :) I also hate housework, so I just don't do a whole lot of it. hehe Take care and congrats!

Raminta said...

I prefer housework and cooking rather than writing... Too bad when writing is what you're paid for :)

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