Saturday, November 21, 2009

Farewell or until we meet again

I am writing this as my last post on this blog. It has been a great pleasure to work and try to improve myself here. I met some amazing people. Wrote a load of rubbish. Had a lot of fun. However due to current circumstances I know, I will never again be able to be completely honest here and pour my heart out. Time has come, unfortunately, I have to close one door ot open another. I would like to use this post to say thank you to all of those who bothered to read, support and even praise me. Some of you have become like pillars to hold on to in dark times. Something to look forward to. I am not in a dark place right now and things are looking up. However I know I will not be able to cencor my self enough to continue writing here. I fell in love with my blog long time ago and it has been great pleasure and experience writing here. I learned so much. Thank you to all of you and I promise not to disappear. One day if we are meant to we will find one another either in world wide web or in physical world once again. I am sure...


Richard said...

Well, I hope you are all right.

Many people "outgrow" their blogs over time. Many of the people I originally swapped comments with are no longer blogging. Some because they blogged themselves out, others because they didn't know where to go anymore, and others ... well, I have no idea.

I have gone through periods where I don't know why I am blogging - so I slow down, or stop.

I don't think I blog the same way I did 4 years ago. I think my posts tend to be more anemic and less personal, less anguished.

I am sure you can always find me (in one guise or another).

Take care, have fun and ejoy life (responsibly).

Lorri said...

I am here, always, dear Carra. You know I am an email away, to vent, discuss, just chat or whatever. Know this, remember this.

Take care, dear girlie.

Hugs and love.

Anonymous said...

does'ent look like many people are going to miss the crap on here

Richard said...

@anonymous: a bit petty of you, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Reply to Richard
not really when you know her , shes a little pathetic gold digger , a compulsive liar and the sad thing is she lies to herself
and the saddest person in the world she can not write , but steels other peoples work , she has no friends as she destroys every one she comes in to contact with , i know i was unfortunate to have been stupid enough to pick her up out of the streets
and tried to give her a better life , but she wants more more more ,and gives NOTHING in return , she runs away leaving ever one else to clear up her shit she leaves behind .

Brisbane hotels said...

Where are you going then? I hope to see you blog again. Until we meet again.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Carra,

This is Sus. from Vermont again. I am sad that you will not be doing this blog anymore. I've liked to read your thoughts and opinions since I first found your blog maybe a year or two ago (Isn't it strange how people find people in the internet world?) I think you are a great writer, honest, smart and thoughtful.
I know you had a good reason for stopping to write this blog (as we can see in the 'comments'), and I know there are two or more sides to every story, so I just want you to know that even though I may not know you in person, I support you.
I really hope you will continue to write and share your unique and lovely thoughts and opinions in another blog, or another medium.

Also, I just wanted to let you know that I did read your response to me in your blog (maybe it was last year?)and it really touched me that my comment affected you. I think I didn't respond because I was lazy or just afraid of becoming not anonymous! That is one of my silly human traits. : )

I know you may not be able to write back, but I do hope you get this! Peace and you are beautiful!

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