Monday, July 29, 2013

Temporary renaissance

It is quite funny how life twists and turns and sometimes one ends up looking back on themselves. I have never thought that I would ever come back here, to this blog for any purpose, especially not to bring it back to life even if temporarily.

The pink wallpaper misrepresents me as much as the naïvete present in my writing of more than four years ago. Then, of course, if I was to be completely honest - I would admit that I was making a web of illusion to cover up what was inevitable. After all the blog died with my marriage which probably says a thing or two about what kind of person I was back then.

I did not edit. I did not censor. I simply republished everything as it once was. Really it is a very poor coming of age story but then the purpose of this blog was to help me improve my English. Which whilst will always need improving in one way or another (as nothing is perfect); my command of the language presently is so good that the blog became unnecessary.

Now it shall function as a portfolio, however poor, after all one should never be ashamed of having been young and stupid.

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