Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Time to see and work things through

At the moment the job I do is really rubbish, but the pay, considering that these are really hard times is good. Obviously I have not settled for this for the rest of my life. This is why I have plans for more education to set me up for the future. This is not about wanting more, this is about knowing I can and will do better. I have made the bones for a book that I have to build the flesh for. I will do that with great pleasure once circumstances allow me. I am finding more and more time to writ regularly and I know that over time I will learn to work continuously.

Now I am focusing on one thing, paying off my debts, but once that is done I can dedicate time to myself and my wok. I know sooner or later I will manage to kick off my career here in the UK but until then I still have to survive.

I think we all get to do things we don't necessarily enjoy in our life, but we get through them, and move on.


Lorri said...

Hi Carra...thinking about you. I need to send you an email, but I've been busy.

I have confidence that you will meet your goals, you are very determined.

CG said...

Dear Lorri, please do not worry about the e-mail, you will write when you can I do not expect anything more from you :)

As for the goals... I do hope I will achieve them in time we will see.

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