Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Graham and I haven't had a holiday since the year we got married, and even that wasn't a honeymoon as it was six months prior to our wedding. I know we have traveled a lot, but traveling when you are moving from one country to another is not fun. I think we both need and deserve a holiday and if we will be able to purchase a normal car in the beginning of the summer we might runaway and have some rest. When you have two dogs or children a holiday will never really be resting. You still have to rush around and make sure that children are ok, that everyone is fed and watered, but some rest can be earned and a few visits to museums may be possible. Still first of all Graham needs a surgery. We started sorting his teeth out and that will be done soon.

So my plan is to pack up and runaway to Riga for a lovely weekend. I might even be able to find a dog sitter for a couple of days. After over four years of marriage we deserve that romantic holiday and if we could we would go to St. Petersburg, but my command of Russian language is too weak and speaking English I will not be able to get a reasonably priced hotel. On the other hand in Riga, you can find a lovely little hotel in the old town, where a room for two people will cost as little as 30 euros. Obviously it depends on what you are looking for, but three stars are fine for me. The only problem I can see is, Graham is the lie around the pool person, while I am the idiot that wants to visit all the museums, I suppose the solution would be just staying in the room and enjoying the view, but then we could do that at home. I'm sure I will come up with a solution sooner or later and it will be great. Ff worst comes to worst we will have a holiday at home...

The photograph of Riga old town taken from
The photograph of the dreamy holiday taken from here.

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