Thursday, March 19, 2009

Making a new cover for a notebook/ring binder whatever you call it!

I had this awfully ugly old writing pad or whatever you call them, maybe it's a ring binder, well that would make sense... Anyway I wanted to make it nice-ish again so that it can be used...So, I grabbed my almost finished pink paper I used to wrap my books and some glue, scissors, pencil and got to work.
As I was a bit short on pink paper, I added so other paper that was once used to bring flowers home, and used that little bit extra to cover the last edge...

The final result was quite pleasing considering that I am absolutely useless at scrapbooking, and the best thing I gave this refurbished ring binder, to someone who absolutely loved it and she (further information will not be disclosed) is going to write all her poetry in it. How pleasant is that. She was so happy with it!


"Δημήτριος ο Ταξιδευτής" said...

you gave me an idea!

Angela in Europe said...

Oh what a fun project and you ended up with such a nice result. Every time I try to do something like that it just ends up looking like a child did it.

CG said...

You are very welcome Δημήτριος ο Ταξιδευτής/
ANgela, every time I do something like that I feel that what I made looks like child did it, but then I just lack confidence, the girl who got it was very very pleased and I'm sure you could even do better than me!

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