Friday, January 16, 2009


As I have mentioned the past weekend in my previous post, today I thought I ought to mention one of my completed works. I spent three days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) knitting. Only an hour each day, but it was enough to complete a scarf that I wanted to make for ages. This weekend I will yet again knit a scarf but this time for my husband, and as it needs to be slightly bigger I think it will take about 4 hours to make it instead of three.

I have always enjoyed making things, and I would love to sew things for myself, but as I do not own a sewing machine and have no space to have one anyway, I have to just focus on knitting on crocheting. Even though the end result might be just as pleasing, I desire to make myself a few skirts and now I am scraping my head, how can I get my friend to share her sewing machine with me for one day. Obviously nothing is impossible.

The amazing power of knitting is that it relaxes you. You can knit in all your anger, fears, agression and at the end of the job you will not only feel relieved of all your troubles, but also pleased with what that has achieved. I still have some wool lying around so I might use knitting as therapy to relax during weekends, surely it is better than just being idle... and it gives me a break from the usual routine... Have a lovely weekend!


Marco Crupi said...

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Richard said...

I think we are all buoyed when we actually accomplish something. And making things is a great way of boosting our self esteem.

Two months ago, I made a picture frame for my dad (so I could mount a picture I had taken). The photo was 10"x30", so standard frames didn't fit.

It was a lot o work. I had to learn how to mount a print. It cost me more than I expected, but I felt good doing it.

Keep on doing things, the sense of accomplish is a great reward. (Of course, it would be better to be rewarded with fame - and a little fortune wouldn't hurt either.)

You have always impressed me with the fact that you write and get paid for it and you collaborated on a book of poetry. You do and achieve things, you should be proud of that.

CG said...

@ Marco Crupi I have added your blog to my blogroll :)

@ Richard I do and achieve some things, but the upsetting part is that I am doing two jobs I do not like to be able to afford to write, even if I do get paid for writing, the money wouldn't even keep me afloat, but then my husband keeps reminding me that a lot of people just dream about getting published paid or not. So I will just heed to your advice and keep doing things, to get the feel of achievement.
Also fame is not so important, but fortune, unfortunately is.

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