Friday, January 16, 2009

Why men are lucky to be men...

Click on the image for a larger picture.

Just something really funny I received on e-mail... I think it is quite true in most cases!


JewWishes said...

This is so funny!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

This is hilarious! I had to bring my husband in to look at it.

Anyja said...

God xDD It's so true! But I don't feel unfortunate to be a woman, on the contrary - it would be so boring to be pig. xD

Richard said...

Wow! Those are some pretty sexist ads.

Personally, I find them offensive, butm then again, as Sofia likes to remind me, I am not the typical model of a man.

CG said...

@ JewWishes It is funny isn't it?

@Laura Ingalls Gunn I had to show this to my husband too :)

@ AnyjaYes it is true and that is the funniest part of all! I love being a woman!

@ Richard Sexist yes, but I think it should be allowed in humour, like my husband keeps remindind me, you can joke about everything and anything.

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