Thursday, January 15, 2009

Creative thinking

Last weekend was spent being very creative and resting. I wanted to do things for myself and no one else. I wanted to enjoy myself being just the way I am.
As I have always been trying many different things, I am never afraid to try something not quite appropriate and look silly.
Just look at this once Stilton jar from M&S, I received for doing some advertising before Christmas and it really pleased my husband as he absolutely loves good cheese, and in our both opinion Stilton is the king of cheese.
Anyway, once the cheese was consumed, for me it seemed a great pity to throw away this super lovely oldy worldy jar, but I had no function for it. I kept doing strange things with it, like putting flowers in it, and believe it does not work, I kept moving it around the house, from kitchen to bedroom to bathroom, but that didn't quite work either.
Then I spotted the old jar I used to keep my pencils in and bingo!
I know this very simple use for the dish would not win me an award in interior design, but then neither would my flat (I constantly dream of peeling of that wallpaper!), I do think that I have a perfect function for it, as it will always be on my desk and remind me just how pleasant the rewards can be for working.
I love the jar so much that I had to take a close up picture just to show you what is written on the jar... I seem to myself as some person from 3rd world country who is happy with a bit of ribbon from a set of new towels! Pathetic, but then if it's me, I can deal with it, at least I did not participate in the huge throw away festival after X-mas.


Lorri said...

Good idea on using it the way you are.

Richard said...

Recycling is overrated. Reducing and reusing is a much better way to go - especially reusing things that are pretty to begin with.

I think it is sad and perhaps a sad reflection of a persons soul when they people cannot see beyond the immediate function of something and discard things when their immediate use is finished.

I love keeping fancy tins and boxes and bottles (much to Sofia's chagrin). Sometimes, I even purposely buy something not for its content but its container.

CG said...

@ Lorri I love using it that way, it looks so cute!

@ Richard recycling is a biggest scam of the century as it seems, but can be good if worked properly, unfortunately during these hard times no one is interested in saving mother earth, not that they ever were.
I can imagine how Sofia feels, my husband calls me a hoarder, and I don't even have much junk, also it is not junk everything has it's function in my house. I love buying things for the box, I still use the thing, but it's so nice to find some function for the packaging later.

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