Friday, April 04, 2008

The Mistress of Spices

"It's different" - said my husband at the end of the film. It did not explain whether the film is good or bad, but knowing about our both interest in witchcraft and magick, herbs et cetera for obvious reasons (I.E. I am a witch and he has to live with me) it was certainly interesting. The love affair did not bother me at all, I was more interested in the purpose of the spices and kept wondering what is my true spice.

"It was the first Indian film where all of a sudden they didn't start singing and dancing" - another comment from my husband, that is also very true. I must admit in places the music was absolutely beautiful, while in others utterly annoying. Chillies were my favourite, having so much purpose and meaning in them.

The speech of the characters is almost poetic. Especially Tilo's. If you are looking for a crazy (and sometimes stupid) passionate love story, don't even bother watching this, you will be bored to death. However if you're interested in superstitions, culture, heritage and different beliefs that's a film for you.

It's not a tale about a fancy spice shop, with a pretty girl who falls in love, there is so much more to it. And you have to be very open minded, no conservative junk in your mind will help you to enjoy this story.

Not everything appears as it really is and breaking of the rules won't always bite you in the arse. For the rest you will have to watch the film.

One more little thing. When the girl Tilo appears at the window each day it seems like she is waiting for something. She has many customers but she is not waiting for them, it is a little symbolic act that the director of the film blended in really beautifully.

This film also reminded me of my neglect-ion of my studies in witchcraft and herbs (my secret obsession) my husband noticed that just from my face, he promised me that I will be able to relax soon enough for the purpose of continuation of my search of my true self. That store and the purpose of it, as well as Tilo's knowledge of each spice could be a subject of my envy if I allowed myself to be envious.

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