Monday, December 31, 2007

Goobye 2007

After spending two hours by my beloved Mac sorting out my latest articles and my goal-list, I came upstairs, stole my husband's laptop and snuggled up in bed.
I might love my Mac, but I don't love the Scottish family member enough to freeze my fingers (and the rest of the body) off.
As you probably saw from my goal list, there is no mention of the blog. Well that is because managing my blog and professionalising it has been my job for past few months and it is not going to stop any time soon. All I intend to improve is that I would like to post one new photograph and a quote every week on the sidebar. I want to write, regardless where and get it out, for people to see, so if there will be any ramblings that I feel the need to share (and there is almost a 100% guarantee for that) or reviews to write they all will go here, along with all the stuff that might not get the approval of the press.

Regardless of my current financial situation and health condition I see the year 2007 as a success. Not only I published 6 articles in the newspapers, I also started working on this grand poetry project - Poetic Ecstasy, I also learned some Spanish, moved to another country (yet again) and acquired an extra member to our family - Millie, Graham and I were conned, robbed and cheated, but the our mood has not dropped. We are still a happy family, with two extremely clumsy and akward dogs, as well as one very badly organised mummy and not very healthy daddy.

However 2007 was a success.

I have travelled, saw many different places, and had a bite of the true taste of Spain, whether the bite was bitter or delicious it doesn't matter, all experiences are good in the end - especially for a writer.

We are not planning anything grand for tonight, in fact it's just a change in the calendar and I don't see this as a reason to overeat or get drunk. New Year - only is new for a few moments, and then it is just a date. I know what Spanish are going to do tonight. They are going to eat twelve grapes on the twelve chimes of midnight, but I have done this already, only four months ago. The fact that I am not a party girl, and I find the whole let's get drunk and party all night business rather boring, I am not a tinny bit disappointed to spend the midnight snuggled up in my husband's arms.

So this is my, end of the year post.

Happy New year from me, and the rest of my lovely, cute, funny, comical and clumsy family.



laricp said...

Felicidades por tu blog.
Por si tienes curiosidad, te doy a conocer algo
mío con un tema muy concreto de Granada.
Me gustaría tu comentario.

Otoño en Granada:

Los rincones más bellos de Granada:

Gracias y saludos: Laricp

b said...

Happy New Year, Carra. I share your feelings about New Year's Eve. I stayed home last night myself. I don't know... I've just never been one to get into New Year's Eve.

But with that said, yes, we do have to look at 2007 as a success, if only for the reason that we survived and continue to move forward, taking all the struggles and lessons of the year with us but resolving to grow even more in the year ahead.

Thank you for your encouragement and friendship this past year. We've been through a lot and I'm so happy that we've shared that with each other!

Richard said...

I am glad tha tin retrospect you had a good year.

Sofia does the same thing with eating 12 grapes at midnight. She also wants to go out an celebrate it. On the other hand, I prefer to be in bed. I am a morning person, not a night person.

jayant said...

Never knew that you ppl got conned!
It was an EVENTFUL yr for you,to say the least,wasn't it?
Happy to see your attitude towards it,as you still think it was good for you...
Wish you all the success in 2008!

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