Tuesday, January 01, 2008

May this year be happier

Last year a little girl called Madeleine went missing in Portugal. Her parents did whatever they could to attract as much as possible of the press attention. It may be a good thing.
Regardless of what I think about the McCanns I realise that every year millions of kids go missing around the world, and not one ever attracted as much of the attention as Madeleine did. That I find awfully unfair, because other heartbroken parents didn't have the chance for the advertising or creating a special fund, they just had to go quiet and unnoticed doing what they could on their own. The video that I am including, is an old song, that when I heard it for the first time while watching the video I was almost in tears. I hope that this year may be better for all of those children that went missing in the past, may goodness surround them, not evil perversions of the world, and I hope even more that less children will go missing this year. As much as I would like to say that I want all of the children to be safe and sound and where they belong, at home, I know this is impossible, even if it seems so little to ask. My good thoughts are going out for all those children, no matter where they are, I hope they all will be able to somehow find their way home.

This is an updated video of the same song, with the most recent missing children.

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