Monday, December 31, 2007

Learning From The Experts - My Goals For 2008

As the title says it all I should not feel the need to explain myself better but I do. Last year on the New Years Eve I announced my goal to my husband:

"I am going to be published next year."
I did not state where or when, but six articles published this year so far, I think I succeeded, now I'm aiming for a little more and I am stating it here as it seems a good place to do so.
As Alex Cameron advises on his own goal list - "put it fucking everywhere". I already have my goals written in my notebooks, walls, so it just seems normal to put it here.

This is not a resolution and all these goals are achievable within a year as long as I will stay focused. I don't believe in resolutions because, I don't want to quit smoking, I barely drink, I lost enough weight in the past few months and even though I am poor I am a happy person in general.

I categorized these goals:

H - Home and Family
C - Career
K - Knowledge
M - Money
P - Pleasure and hobbies

The priority system is from 1 to 5, 1 being the most important, and 5 being the least important.

Move back to the UKH2
Get my husband's health sortedH1
Get Millie's passport and other
documentation sorted.
Get a regular paid position in one of the national Lithuanian papers*C1
Be published at least once in a British newspaperC2
Publish Mr. WeathermanC1
Get the poetry project I am working on off the groundC1
Learn SpanishK1
Start reading books in German and Russian to improve my skillsK3
Run my own small businessM2
Have £5 000 in my bank account for emergenciesM3
Continue writing short storiesP2

*Crossed out means completed


b said...

Happy New Year!! I am so happy to know you and yes, you did more than just get published once in 2007!! I know it has been a hectic year for you but it has been so wonderful watching you grow as a person. I am excited to see you evolve further in 2008. This is a great list and I have no doubt that you will succeed in all your heart sets out to succeed.

carra said...

Thank you B I believe everything is achievable, you just have to really want it, and I do, in fact I am very hungry for it!

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