Monday, October 15, 2007

Is it me?

My husband keeps telling me I look great in this suit. I left the jacket open when I had the photo taken 5 minutes ago therefor I appear sans waist, but thats not the point. Any trousers that are not at least 2 inches bellow my ankles feel too short, yet I was told over and over again, that it is not the trousers but my mind... What do you say too short or normal?


Richard said...

I am the worst person to ask for fashion advice. Apparently I have none. I am almost completely functional in my outlook on life, appearance has almost no meaning to me.

I would say they need to be a little longer. I always think pants should cover the back of the shoes. But, I give this advice with the caveat that I am the wrong person to be doing so.

Lovely mountain view in the background.

jayant said...

First of all,if the picture is taken on your terrace,I compliment you for living at such lovely location,amidst moutains,someting I always wanted to do but it would be stupid to even imagine something like that here in New Delhi.
Anyways,I would not say "too short",though the shirt tucked in would have certainly made you look taller :)

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