Saturday, October 13, 2007

What Cancer cannot do!


Richard said...

That is true, but it can kill you.

carra said...

Richard believe me I know, last year at the end of September my husband lost his daughter to cancer, I lost a very precious friend. And the worst thing was, that it wasn't the cancer that killed her... it was morphine. Sarah (my stepdaughter if you like) lived nine years with cancer, she had more surgeries than one could imagine, her cancer moved around her body like a monster and once one was cured, another one appeared. Yet she never complained, and she was always the one to smile. Cancer took nothing away from her and she was the bravest person I ever knew. I can remember our last conversation like it was yesterday, and I still feel sometimes like the phone is going to ring, and once I answer I'll hear her voice. She died at the age of 35, one week before her daughter's 9th birthday. I posted that, because of Sarah.

Richard said...

I know that cancer cannot take away your dignity and worth as a person. My mother died of non-Hodgkins Lymphoma about 9 months ago. She was actually very lucky, there was no pain from the cancer. Not even in her final days of life. However, the chemo was very hard on her and left her very weak and vulnerable – so much so that we used to avoid her if there was the slightest hint that any of us were sick (which is not too hard when both kids are in school).

My daughter (who is 8) has more memories of her than my son (who is 6). Of course, my daughter spent more time with grandma than JJ did.

I have to confess, even before my mother was diagnosed with cancer, that I was and continue to be shocked at how little progress there has been on its treatment considering the money and research spent on it over the past 40 years or so. The treatment is still remarkably primitive - giving enough toxins in the hope it kills the cancer before the patient. Leukemia and breast cancer seem to have had the most refinement over the years, but for the others, there is barely any progress. I definitely think it is one area where a good hard look needs to be taken to as to the efficacy of our current research model.

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