Monday, October 15, 2007

I haven't posted about this before...

Enjoy. This happened at the end of last year. I was singing my own song at a charity concert, that took place in St Lary. I was supposed to sparkle like a little diamond, but instead I made myself look stupid.
I was so nervous that I became frightened of the microphone.
So be it, idiot of the year award did go straight into my hands!

The strange thing is all the French people that heard me singing admire my voice and vocal abilities, yet the person who's opinion matters most - can't bear it and tells me not to sing even when I am happy, apparently it's that bad.
You can hear me for yourself singing my own song, written in a moment of desperation called Die Day, according to my once very good friend it's the best song I've ever written. That song like so many still brings tears to my eyes when I sing it, because I can feel what I felt when I wrote it.
It may seem like I am not going on stage anytime soon, but knowing that I have written over a 100 songs I haven't given up completely either. I don't want to be a superstar, a professional singer or anything like that. I simply enjoy it. Unfortunately I am very far from the people who used to enjoy hearing my voice. I haven't sung for over six months.

Still you can hear the song I mentioned before, that I recorded myself (don't blame me for poor quality of music I am not a musician) along with my mac.
When I sing in English my voice appears to be rough and harsh, so for you to compare this week I am going to record a song in Lithuanian.

Please let me know what you think. Your opinion matters, there is nothing better than a healthy dose of criticism.


Richard said...

Unfortunately, I cannot listen to it at the moment (since I am at work). Hopefully, I will be able to this weekend.

Kim/Thomas said...

It's not what I expected your voice to sound like:) I think you keep in tone...and I think that it is impressive that you could sing and get the garage band thingy working soo well:)

I can't wait to hear it in lithuanian...i'll be waiting for that! :)

jayant said...

Hey,let me tell you you're a decent enough singer(may be a bit more of music would have made you sound better).And even in English,you're certainly not that bad that you get advised not to sing even if you're happy!

carra said...

Richard I'll be waiting for your comments!
Kim I will post a song in Lithuanian soon I promise!
Jaynant, glad it's OK. Yeah my husband can't stand my voice!

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