Sunday, July 19, 2009

Not allowed

Sometimes there is nothing worse than being allowed to talk your heart out. Especially when you were used to doing so. Letting those words out also means you let the feelings attached to those words out as well. Holding it all in is not healthy, believe me. This is one of the reasons I now understand why it is useful to keep an anonymous blog, However it is too late and I can't be bother to set another blog up so I could say what I think or feel. I pretty much did that here and will be able t do so soon again. This blog has been like a good friend for over three years now I can't just let go, and there are only two options here to delete it or to write. I chose the latter. No matter ho difficult it will be. When I was a kid I had my own writing system, but I don't think I should go for now, I simply need to wait for things to settle and I know they will settle eventually. Until then my few but faithful readers will have to content themselves with coded messages and just usual junk in general. It is good just to write something here. Even if it is useless. Oh you may want to hear the big news. I am in England. Almost in London. Not that I care. Will write more about that later.


Lorri said...

It's important to let you emotions and feelings out, so they don't build up inside you, and cause problems.

Pumpkin said...

I hope you are well and that you find a way to let it all out.

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