Friday, March 13, 2009


These days when I am planning to cover my settees with a lovely natural looking linen/cotton material I started thinking about cushions.
I hate too many cushions and I hate things that are placed in certain place for the sake of interior design, everything that is at home should be there for the person's who's living there convenience and comfort. The thing is, now when everyone is a wannabe interior designer (including me) you have to be very sensible before you get going. I know that, but then because of my lack funds, I never have the impulse purchase thing and I always sleep on it first. If you look at the picture on the left of this post, it is clear that there are too may cushions there. If a person sits down on that day bed there are two things that will happen:
a) the cushions will fall off
b) the person sitting there will feel awfully uncomfortable being petrified of knocking those cushions to the floor.
I know interior designers are good people and they want our homes nice, but can they not show how to be practical and pretty at the same time?

Again, look at this settee. There is no space to sit, because of the stupid cushions, they look nice, but if you want them to look that way, everytime when someone gets up you have to rush to the settee and sort the cushions out! Ridiculous! Or is it just me?
I wonder if there is a way, to make pretty and comfortable with those cushions at all.


Canvas Printing said...

You probably don't need that much cushions. You'd still want to be able to sit in your couch without worrying that the cushions will be messed up. It's all about comfort and functionality.

CG said...

I totally agree with you. Comfort should always come first only then the good looks, but then I'm a woman and I wear heels that are utterly uncomfortable but pretty. I suppose that's a double standard :)

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