Monday, February 09, 2009

The Rubber Cow

No it is not the latest eco-toy! Do you remember my 10 things I want this year list? There was this bag, it is very eco-friendly as it is made out of 100% moody leather. No animals have to die to have that bag made. I have noticed lately I am avoiding leather goods. Consciously or not. I was always a believer of not wasting so if an animal is killed for food it's leather should be used up as well, and all the other parts that can be used too, unfortunately I have discovered that often the animals are bred purely for leather and I find it unfair. So I do not buy leather goods, but I do admit I do not throw away the ones I've got as that would be wasiting. The animal was killed and I have it's skin, bad I know, but just because I'll throw away the bag I'll simply create more waste and not solve the problem. SO the solution is not to purchase anymore leather goods if it can be done.
Now The Rubber Cow Co. have their website set up but it's not actuallyt doing anything. However, I do believe that or sooner or later, they will put their lovely collection of moody leather stuff on there. So check it out, add it to your bookmarks, and check it out again later :)

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