Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pink week

So much pink and moaning this week, that it may as well be a pink week. This is as much pink as I could pull together to put on my desk so I constantly see it. To cheer me up of course. There was a song when I was growing up in Lithuanian about the girl who paints everything in blue, currently, I'm painting everything pink, at least in my mind. Maybe if the spring time will come (sometime in the near future) I will feel refreshed, as this winter season is killing me. Is wearing a bright pink skirt to work allowed? I really fancy wearing it, I supposed I should get it ironed. I wonder how much do those lovely Victorian house cost in England right now. I believe it is a lot more than I can afford, How lovely it would be to have a huge Victorian house, with an old fashioned staircase, big master bedroom, huge bathroom next door... I would fill that place with colour and live happily ever after, still, a cottage is better, it is smaller and I could actually keep it clean. You know proper cottage not those huge cottages they show in films. I remember viewing one with Graham years ago somewhere near the coest in a small village, with a garden and a little stream passing by.... Why didn't we get that mortgage? Oh damn me.


Richard said...

Just wait. Things will come. Of course, waiting is not everything, you also have to aim for and plan in that general direction.

However, given how much initiative you have, it seems likely you will achieve your objective.

CG said...

I really do hope you are right Richard :)

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