Friday, January 23, 2009

10 things I want this year

1. Graham to have his surgery and get his hernia sorted once and for all.

2. To have comfortable shoes (currently it's a picture of boots, as I need them most)

3. To purchase all novels by Jane Austen, it would be best, all in once piece as it would be cheaper.

4. To have a 50s dress made especially for me.

5. To own a mascara. It doesn't have to be posh but I think I need one.

6. A reasonable and comfortable as well as good looking shoulder bag, that I could fit all my paper work in. (as well as death free, like this bag that is made out of genuine plastic, I don't want dead animals on my shoulder!)

7. To get the hell out of here: move. (and never come back)

8. A holiday, I' haven't had one since the year Graham and I got married, and even that wasn't a honeymoon.

9. A pillbox hat that suits me, to go with my 50s dress.

10. To write a book that is worthy of publishing.
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