Monday, December 15, 2008

To die for

Yes I do know I shouldn't have looked, but I have, and now my heart is screaming the words I hate to hear. I love fashion. I really do. Not in the ridiculous way of not knowing what to do with myself for loving it. I just love it. Like most girls who adore all things beautiful.
It is like that beautiful clutch bag I saw in the second hand clothes shop, it's covered in beads and it's pink. It is totally impossible and impractical as even my two mobile phones wouldn't fit in it, but it is super cute.
I just have to stick to my all sensible Marks and Sparks carry all, fit the sink in and go shopping bag instead. Just the same with shoes... I have to wear these horrible practical shoes, because it is cold and slippery out there and it would be really dangerous to wear any heals, no matter ho sensible they seem. Life hurts. It's awful when you know what you want and you have all these ideas of things that you would like to make for yourself (hm.. like 50s style dresses for every occasion in every colour?), and these hats... I saw this lovely 50s style hat the other day and it actually suited me. It is weird but those hats never suit me. Twenties hair, fifties dresses and everything else that goes. It doesn't mean I have the consumer's disease I only have things that I really need. My shoe collection has gone down to bellow 20 (and I do need them all... honestly) my hat collection was reduced to just five or so due, to the horrible mold stuff that went everywhere when the drainpipe outside our appartment went bust... And I only have two coats and both of them are hundred percent unsuitable for this cold weather. I am not being greedy, but when it is cold and damp at the same time, it is very difficult to find something suitable...
So here is a picture of an amazingly beautiful pair of shoes, that would be totally suicidal to wear in Lithuania. A girl can dream though.

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Anonymous said...

I love fashion, too, but in a very atypical way.

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