Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Little Women by Louisa M. Alcott

This book was my latest read from the library, as I'm kind of going through all the classics.
The beauty of this story in my eyes was the simplicity of things, even though it may have seen to the books characters otherwise, their life was simply filled with everyday nothing out of ordinary beauty and happiness and valuable lessons were learned along the way. It is not a fascinating read to a modern reader, but it is very relaxing and soothing compared to more modern aggressive works of these days.
Little Women is a very good book to read after a long day at work, you can put it down and get back to it later, but you look forward throughout the day for all that simplicity that may seem unattainable in this modern, horribly fast paced world.
Meg, Jo, Amy and Beth, will keep you busy and happy that you were brave enough to pick up this book, that at first appeared like a boring and monotonous read.
The beauty of this all is that I'm looking forward to find another book related to March sisters called Little Men. A lovelyt relaxing book that every young girl should read, as well as learn from it.

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Leora said...

I never liked the book much as a kid, but as an adult, I love it! How our tastes change. It also helps that I've seen the movie a gazillion times, because we own it on DVD and my daughter loves the movie.

I think the Beth part of the story really got to me, as it did to my daughter. "She dies?" my daughter once said. It is her way of learning that sometimes when a young person gets sick, they unfortunately do not always recover. Especially in those days.

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