Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Feminine vs. Masculine

Today I was thinking about the genders. In this world where terms feminist and chauvinist are often heard the subject of genders and equality are often discussed. I would like to express my point of view as well.
I watch my dogs all the time, the girl is weaker but she uses her cunning to control the male, and while she lets him to show off as the big man, she is the master in the family. It does not show any feminism or chauvinism in my eyes, it is natures way of expressing balanced equality. While the female may be physically weaker she is more intelligent and uses that intelligence to gain advantage. She does not need to prove that she is as strong, or as good, or as anything in fact, she simply does what she does best.
In this world where we are constantly tangled up in social rules, reforms and those two swear words feminism and chauvinism, the natural balance has lost it's purpose. Women do want to prove that they can be as strong as men, or as intelligent or anything. With this they just seem to create more trouble for themselves. The stronger the woman is the more frightened the male of her is. Don't you think?
I am not anti-feminist, in fact I am not anti-anything. I'm just trying to express my view.
Women, should be more intelligent in this bright age, and use their intelligence for their advantage and thus create the natural balance instead of fighting it. But we are stupid, we want to prove that we are as good as... or something. Feminist did many favours for us but I don't think it worked out as good. When before women were respected for what they are and what they did best, now we have raised the standard for ourselves, and while this is not too bad, I do now wish to be expected to act like a man. Yes I can drive, yes I wear trousers, yes I smoke, yes my hair is short, but no elections and my right to vote does not interest me, nor trying to be a builder or a farmer, no I do not want to be treated like a man, because I am a woman. While feminism was a genuinely nice idea it turned against women, and no matter how much we brag about women's right, we just went from one end of the spectrum to another and created ourselves yet another set of standards. Those standards that does not allow men to open the door for us, or stand up as we get to the table, or even just take our coat. Is it so good in the end? Or is my little four legged Millie more intelligent than we the modern women are?
Man and woman should work in unity not against each other, fighting for a place under the sun, it is the natural process, this is why nature has male and female everywhere, but it seems we are trying to deny the very force that created us in the first place, the nature.

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Richard said...

I don't think we should try to deny or turn a blind eye to the differences between men and women.

On the other hand, neither should we trap people in gender roles.

I tihnk all people have the capacity to be decent persons regardless of their gender.

Besides which, I dislike labels with a passion.

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