Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Cider House Rules

I have finished reading this amazing book a few days ago. It was an inspiring read. I have heard the name John Irving many times, but never enough to actually pick up one of his books. However I was yet again browsing through the one and only shelf with books in English in my library and I came across this rather curious title so I picked it up.
It took me long enough to read this book. I was reading it for two months! The fact that these days I'd rather spend my spare time resting or mopping the floor (because they have to be mopped) than actually reading a book is a bit sad, but I will surely catch up on reading during the lovely long X-mas holidays.

One thing that can not be said about Irving is that he lacks analysis or introduction to the character, in fact it felt in places he over did it. I loved knowing each character so well, it almost created a bond between myself and the book, it was really hard to let go.

The subjects that this book deals with are the least attractive one could chose but then, things don't have to be pretty in all the books, and that is said by someone who normally enjoys tragedies rather than happy endings. I think it clarifies a lot of things about love, adoption, being an orphan and of course abortions, the toughest subject that this novel touches so much. In this world there are still places where abortions are banned (and Lithuania wants to join those countries) by all means abortion is not the best thing, but then producing more orphans is not exactly a fancy option either, the fact that the ban forces women to go to people who don't know how do the job often costing them their life seems to be not important to anyone ... This book will always be relevant, even after 500 years. that is what makes it so special, so real, so personal A great read and I would definitely recommend this amazing book to anyone, but just remember, this novel recquires some commitment as it talks about the things you never really wanted to know to start with.

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Lorri said...

I enjoyed reading this book. John Irving is a good author.

I hope you are doing well.

Hugs you.

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