Monday, November 24, 2008

Taking some time off (and feeling bad about it)

I am a bad person. Today I slept for about four hours in the afternoon. I was tired and I decided, that the dirty bathroom can wait, that all the e-mails can be written later, after all there isn't that much to tell. I'm not sending any X-mas or Yule cards because I refuse to waist paper. So everyone I know should expect an ecard it is much better for the environment and in turn better for my pocket.
So today the time to spare was dedicated to me and my health, not the kitchen or the book, or even the shopping. There are many things I have to do, but unless I will rest and feel refreshed I will not be capable of doing anything.
I suppose I'm just trying to justify myself to myself.
But it is my life and I shouldn't feel the need to do so. It is my life and my precious time and I should feel free to do away with it as I want right? But why doesn't it feel so?
Maybe I have become addicted to work? That does sound like a ridiculous statement for such a person like me. Who is lazy and untidy. I was supposed to do the ironing, as my husband doesn't have many shirts left, bad, very person I am.


Lorri said...

You must take care of yourself, first and foremost. If not, you won't be able to take care of anyone or anything else!


Rest, do nothing, take care of yourself, without guilt.

T said...

Paper cards are very bad for the environment.

Check out the impact on the environment from just sending 50 paper cards!

With the starting of the holiday season, make sure that you know the tips for safe ecard practices.

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