Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Until yesterday, I never went shopping for clothes (or shoes!) with a female friend. I often took my boyfriends shopping in the past because of their brutal honesty, but never in my life did I go to a changing room knowing that my girlfriend was getting changed in the changing room parallel to me.

Yesterday I spent a few hours with my friend from Vilnius (Lithuanian capital that is over 300 km away) we went through shops in this enormous shopping center. Clothes, jewelery, make up, shoes, we looked at it all, and we (I should say her) made some lovely purchases. Like my boyfriends, I have developed brutal honesty when it comes to shopping. I don't want my friend looking like an idiot walking down the street, so if she looks awful I will tell her. Fortunately my friend appreciated that. So after sharing tones of advice and visiting at least twenty shops, we stopped at this shoe shop. Now knowing my passion for shoes it is very, very hard for me to walk past a shoe shop without at least trying a pair on... So we went in, looked and looked and tried and then looked more and then I came across these gorgeous espadrilles! I was almost orgasmical and had to try them on then my friend fancied them too... Well we found a pair each and that was really lucky considering it was a sale. I needed comfy summer shoes that I can walk in, but that also look feminine and pretty. Now tell me, what colour is more feminine than pink? So we ended up with a pair each! Now she is going to walk around Vilnius wearing the same shoes that I am wearing while wondering across the streets of Klaipeda. I feel funny but happy, I've done very little of this girlie stuff before. I wish my friend Christine lived just up the street so we could meet up for a coffee and chat, chat, chat, every week. That unfortunately can happen only if I move to Vilnius, as the potential of her moving here is very remote. However I had a very attractive job offer come across here in Klaipeda, but I will write about this more, some other time.

Anyway in the end of August before the school year starts I intend to travel to Vilnius and have girlie time again. Surely being a little bit silly sometimes and having sensible woman talk and going shopping and drinking latte is good from time to time?
I certainly feel this way, but it may be so, because it's a novelty for me...


Anonymous said...

Lets go through life with the most beatifull shoes.. !!! Pink colour is suit for you very much :).

Richard said...

I have never been shopping with any friends (well, at least I cannot recall any such memories). The only shopping / store type experience I can remember with friends is bookstores. Meeting up in bookstores, browsing around was and still is a very typical modus operandi for us.

Actually, there are lots of "normal" social activities that other people seem to engage in that I never was a part of, never invited, never interested. More recently, I wonder if I have missed anything - I really don't think so Mostly it is because there are huge swaths in my life where I share no common memories / experiences with other people.

jayant said...

Finally you got shoes to walk around the world in.. didnt you??

You convince me yet again that no matter what the age,there's always a girly female residing in all women,its just that they come out less frequently,isn't it?

Must have been wonderful to spend time with your friend.Good to see that you had a nice time..

carra said...

Dear Anonymous thank you ;)
Richard What you shared about the books is amazing, I'd like to have friends I can go to bookshops with sounds so much fun.
I mostly don't feel the need to participate in the normal activities, but when I do most of the time I find them rather curious.
Jayant well you might be right, these shoes are so comfy I might even commit walking that far! Girlie thing, a girl (even if she's 60) can't shake it off, but she can block it, but why anyone would want to do that?

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