Monday, July 07, 2008

A useless rant

Since I made the post, promising myself to write everyday as well as admitting that I am a lousy housewife, many things have happened. The next day I cleaned the house all way round, because I was honestly fed up with all the dirt and dogs hair, later I bought an iron and spent the whole evening ironing while wathing a film based on Alain Fournier novel. The days have been filled with lots of work. Graham and I were folding leaflets to earn some extra cash, and we bought a new lovely dining table and a ver comfortable office chair for me. So things are looking better right now.

Tomorrow I intend to clear up again, wash all the floors, be a housewife that I dislike to be so much. This is bullshit I am writing for the sake of writing. Even all I wrote is true, it's dishonest writing, I don't really care about all that, I am too tired to care about anything. The days go past slowly even if I'm busy, my mind is numb, and the only good thing I've done lately was write a short story in the middle of the night, that is quite decent and one day will be a part of my first book. I hope so.

About the bullshit. I really do like the new table and the new chair, I just didn't like the way I wrote all that stuff because it was not expressed genuinely. Now all I can think of is getting some time off, being numb, before going back to housewife mode and getting even numb-er. It's funny, the housework brings my intellect down.

Why I can't do it the same way that other women do it? Why so I feel about housework the same way as I feel about politics? (Couldn't care less attitude). I am exhausted this is awful, now I'm wondering if I should post this at all, but hey I must write everyday and I skipped almost a week already...


Richard said...

Why do you want to be a housewife? Why do you want to conform to some model of expectation for a woman?

I have no expectation of Sofia to be a "housewife". I do not expect her to cook or clean or iron or sew buttons. However, I expect her to do what she feels is necessary and what is right.

Of course, Sofia does not exactly reciprocate my ideas. She wants the dishes washed NOW, not tomorrow or the next time we need them. Books are to be placed back on the bookshelf, not on the corner of piano. Taking out the garbage, mowing the lawn, painting, repairs around the house are a man's job (or better yet, the duties for a poor, low-paid menial, along with cooking, cleaning and laundry).

Of course, Sofia will deny my accusations, saying that I am exaggerating and grossly distorting. But, there is no denying that Sofia has more expectations and more stereotypical expectations than I do - except about women, since those are sexist.

jayant said...

Carra.. all i can say is that even I feel like that sometimes..I post something just for the sake of it..

And yeah,to tell you honstly a girl who hates housework looks all the more cute when she does it with a disgusted look on her face :P

carra said...

Richard, I don't want to be a housewife, but unfortunately I have to do housework. The man I am married to likes tidiness where me, I could live in an utter mess and not notice it until I can't find something. I have these phases when I feel the need to do something to clear up a bit, but most of time I do it while grinding my teeth.
Jayant I think my facial expression during those moments might be a little too scary :)

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