Saturday, December 08, 2007

Cut short...

Unfortunately my week about me attempt has been cut short for a very stupid and annoying reason - I somehow managed to dislocate my shoulder-blade, on the right hand side, of course. That makes typing and even writing, an agonizing effort, just in time, as I have at least two articles to deliver on the coming Wednesday. So I will stop the self torture now and go sleep rest, drink tea, what ever it takes to forget about my disability.

Oh yes I almost forgot, the water has been cut off over five hours ago and there is no sign of it coming back any time soon! I "love" Spain.


b said...

You dislocated your shoulder blade?! That's horrible. Are you in much pain? I wish I could just blink my eyes and be there to take care of you! :(

Richard said...

I hope you recover soon!

While I never dislocated my shoulder, I did once manage to twist it somehow and found even moving the mouse beyond my ability.

carra said...

BI was in agony, in fact I still am. I keep dislocating my bones quite often these days. Not so long ago it was a hip. I think my bones are not used to being exposed. I lost so much weight a slightest touch just puts them out. To be totally honest I always had problems with my bones, but the pain is horrible one can never get used to this! And while I am like this I have been writing, writing and writing more and it's not nearing to the end. Well I suppose being a writer comes at price, a painful one - at least in my case.
Richard I hope to recover soon too. On the first day of the injury I informed my editor that I may be late with my articles and felt sorry for my self the whole day in bed. The next day I got up and decided I won't get anywhere sulking. I learned to type without moving my arm, to reduce pain and I am learned to use the mouse with my left hand, which stopped me from multitasking! Annoying but it's better than staying in bed.

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