Monday, December 10, 2007

Back to work

As much as I would like to feel sorry for myself the whole week, I can't. Today I am officially working again and I have lot's to do. My shoulder blade seems to have clicked back into place, but that hasn't stopped it from hurting. However I have lot's of communicating and writing to do and as a young journalist/writer/poet I can't sit around doing nothing.
Today you can have a look at my desk, I took the photo just before posting, that's how it looks every day. I would love to be able to see other writers desks too, but it seems like all the ones I know are half the world away.

And yes I know it's dirty, I am aware smoking is bad for me, but I stick to my cigarettes as they are my only company in the late hours of the night when I write.

P.S. If anyone on this earth wants a job labeling my posts appropriately, send me an e-mail, as it seems I am totally useless at this task.


Richard said...

Actually, I was going to say that your desk looks pretty neat. A little cramped, but pretty neat.

Maybe I will post a picture of workstation area this weekend ... or maybe not.

b said...

Look at your new desk! It was just weeks ago (wasn't it?) that I saw your previous workspace when we were chatting over IM! It looks as though you are quite set up in your new house. Despite any clutter you may claim to have, that iMac is one sexy machine!! :)

carra said...

Richard Well you should try explaining my desk is neat to my husband he doesn't think so. He thinks I am the messiest creature on earth. He just doesn't get it - I am an artist, of sorts! Maybe you should post the picture, I should turn this into a meme.
B The desk is not new, I just could not show it to you when we were chatting last time, because the Mac is ON the desk. I had it for over six months and I love it. It's always cluttered and has all the junk I need on it. Graham is always confused when he tries to use my Mac. iMac is very very sexy indeed isn't it. I think I might be having an affair! I would love to see your desk, and I bet it is super tidy!

jayant said...

Hello Carra..again have been off for quite a while..
anyways, I bet you dont want to have a look at my desk,coz Its as messy as it gets,especially during these last few days,as i had my exams.
And yes,your desk is AMAZINGLY CLEAN!!you seem to be a person who cares a lot about cleaniness and all or may be, girls are like that only!!!

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