Monday, November 02, 2009

To be English

is to be able to discuss the beauty of an autumn day. Sunny, cloudy and golden I say, knowing that I can not come up with the right words but i try nevertheless... To be English is to know how to moan about the rain and not love it, but I say, I love the sound of rain on single glazed windows and tin roof. To be English is to rush to work in the snow that you know you will get stuck in, I say, stay at home snuggle up under the blanket, it snows only for a week in England these days.. To be English is to wait for Spring but as soon as it comes wait for summer, having as many daffodils in your living room as possible, I say spring is beautiful in it's own right, yes it is damp, windy and mucky but it is always like that in England. To be English is to rush to the beach, park, country house at the first signs of heat wave I say, stay at home, be lazy absorb the heat but do not get killed by it... So I know I am not English and I know I will never be English but is still nice to discuss the colours of the autumn leaves on Monday afternoon while walking a dog  somewhere in Hampshire.


Anonymous said...

I think you blog is beautifully emotionalley honest and you seem more english then i am and i was born in aylesbury!! look forward to reading more of your posts and thanks for the blog""

Lorri said...

To be English...what beautiful and poignant prose, dear Carra.

"While walking a dog somewhere in Hampshire", another good book title.


I leave for CA tomorrow.

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