Sunday, September 20, 2009


there is no place like home. there is nowhere i feel better. my dogs can just climb into my lap. i can cuddle my husband any moment i want. if i want to do something i do it.
if i feel like sleeping in, i sleep in (unless the dogs need to be taken out). there is no one to wake me in the middle of the night, unless...
i can get out of the bed naked and walk across my flat to the kitchen open the fridge and have a drink. i am comfortable.
i am loving and appreciating every moment of it.
it is so enjoyable to watch my husbands face when he wakes up. to watch my dogs feet move when they sleep. to know where i am. to admire the books on the bookshelf and to know it is here when i need with all of those that i need.
there really is no place like home.

*picture stolen from here.


Angela in Europe said...

What a sweet sentiment!

Richard said...

We all need a place to call home. A place were we feel free and open adn secure. Were we are loved and appreciated

CG said...

Thank you Angelea!

Yes Richard certainly so!

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