Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Being tired does not necessarily mean  it is a bad thing as it is exactly when we feel we are about to break down we find the core of our personality. That is how I feel... At least now and I am very tired.
I want to know my true self I want to find the core of my  personality ad work around it. I have discovered lately how demanding I can be with myself and how much I can achieve  and I know that it will happen, that I will get there and that I will achieve all i have set out to achieve...
Anyway my posts seem to be repetitive these days. I have so much to say but at the moment I have to hold back if just for a little while longer.


Lorri said...

Try not to be too hard on yourself.


Richard said...

I think there are at least two kinds of tired: good tired and bad tired.

Good tired is the kind that lets you fall asleep easily and you awake refreshed. Bad tired (call it psychic fatigue) is the kind that keeps you from falling asleep, that overwhelms your spirit.

Just keep plodding, eventually you will get there - espeically if you have no alternative.

Over the past few weeks I have taken up walking again (10k+ walks) and, early on, I sometimes fouind it really hard to continue home, but I stuck it out. Mind you, I am a little more cautious this days and take care not to get too ambitious (my first day walking was 15km and legs were so tired the next day).

CG said...

Thank you Lorri that helps. xxx

You are as always right Richard and I seem to be suffering from the bad tired, the one that does not let you sleep at night even though you want to crash out. It is annoying because I have to rest.

I do not know what insomnia is but I have struggled for years to fall asleep at night. I can spend hours upon hours torturing myself for nothing all just trying to sleep and sometimes getting no sleep at all. This weekend is off for me so maybe I will be able to catch up with my rest.
I hope once my life has normalised a little I will be able to walk myself.

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