Thursday, August 20, 2009

Maybe ...

I would love to own one of these, can you imagine freshly baked bread every morning... I wonder if it is green to bake your own bread ?


Richard said...

I often think about having a bread machine. My mom used to bake fresh bread, but I don't have the skill for it.

The only thing that tempers me buying a bread machine is knowing that I have / had lots and lots of kitchen appliances that I rarely used (especially the deep fryer and juicer).

CG said...

Unlike you, I always seem to be short of appliances and all the ones I do have are constantly in use. Maybe it is because we move so often that I have finally learned to have less stuff.
The great thing with good bread machines is that you can order the bread or the time you want! At the moment it is way down the list of the things I need. But I will get there.

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