Thursday, August 27, 2009


it has become very difficult to be honest and plain as i used to be on my blog. i assume i have become so used to being vague i do not know how to blog otherwise.
it has been a difficult period in my life and i am just getting my head round it. i do not honestly know how to deal with this. honesty is difficult. i am so scatter brained these days. bugger.


Richard said...

I tihnk honesty or directness (which I believ you are alluding to) is difficult because many things cannot be simply expressed in a sound bite. But, then again, who wants to speak with all sorts of disclaimers? A lot of people tend to be easily offended, and could learn to try and understand what others are saying in a constructive rahter than negative way. Always give the other person the benefit of the doubt.

CG said...

I think people are so used to having everything wrapped in cotton wool that no one can take anything straight anymore. I hate that I like saying what I think, not thinking what I say. It is annoying we have become such a big bunch of softies who can't take anything that is straightforward and honest.

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