Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Venus Project

It is something that I learned about in the film "Zeitgeist: Addendum" and I gave thought to that a lot. I will write about the film later sometime, but at the moment lets thing about the Venus Project. The things I like are these:
1. No money
2. Equality
3. No hunger
4. Prosperity for all
and the things that are bothering me are:
1. Obsession and reliance on technology
2. Human nature
3. Lack of simplicity.
Now the first four points, I think, are very obvious to why I like them. I think most people on this planet like the idea of that four, however it is the latter three that bother me. No matter how much I rely on technology on my daily life I would much rather try to become more independent from it than give it the full force to control my life. I do not want to rely on robot to bake my bread I want to be able to do it myself, and to be able to do that one has to step away from technology. Now obviously I am not against technology, it can be and is used for the greater benefit of all, especially in clean energy production, medicine and transportation. It is all great and bright but how by becoming more dependent on technology we can become independent of something else it is barely shifting from one dependence to another.
My second worry is human nature. We, the human beings, the homo sapiens do not want to be equal it was proved over and over again in history and it can not work, anarchy or socialism can not work, not all of us are clever, not all of us can be clever, somebody like in the technology based society would be useless as I have no mathematical understanding of things.... So that would make me and many others like me useless and unwanted in such society and what then... Another aspect of human nature is the want to be better than someone else, we can not stop that, it's our nature, this is why we have evolved and still are, no matter what the cost it was to our world it was all down to human nature nothing else... We want to have leaders that we can follow, or we want to be those leaders, or even we want to be black sheep rejecting the leaders, it is all part of us, not all of us are capable of rejecting leadership.
Lack of simplicity... That is the most difficult part to explain. Well in the last hundred years, we had so many advances that were considered so great! We have mobile phones, sliding doors, answer machines, alarms and all the other junk that is part of our life, but also in the last hundred years a vast amount of diseases have developed to go with it, of course it is part of evolution but it's only so much our bodies can take. Maybe we are not designed to have so much going on around us.
We all dream of time alone, time to relax, but we never can, because there is another meeting to attend, a sale to rush to or a date. It doesn't matter what it is, the point is the technology doesn't help us live our personal life that needs to be there and it's quite basic it reduces it to almost nothing, this is the complicated part and for me it seems the more technnologies we will create the more desperate we will become... Do we really want this?

Now please understand me, I am not knocking the Venus Project, some of the ideas are really great, it's just maybe me, who thinks that half of the population of the world long for simplified down to earth life, not something super clever that we do not know how to deal with. It's just a few points the pros win as you can see for quite obvious reasons, but at least writing all this made me rethink my life in respect to everything around me, and me being a nut or a washer or whatever in this system that really doesn't work.

Just one more thing. I think the pictures that I have attached on this post and that came from the project itself are not only great but also scary. At least they show one of the options for our life in the future. It will be our choice in the end, but I don't believe that it will be so nice, I think something in the opposite is more likely, because we the human beings will never do enough for our future because we are too consumed about today. That is a very sad thing.

N.B. I was not asked or financially encouraged to write about this. All photographs are the property of The Venus Project.

P.S. Some of the stuff they talk about in the project is really clever. I can't believe there are people who can come up with these ideas. One should read about just to form their own opinion.


Angela in Europe said...

Oh, I definitely think the no money thing is a bad idea! I think there has been money since the beginning of time and will probably always will be. I think the best idea that can be derived from it though, is less consumerism. Maybe we should teach our next generation that more is not always more.

CG said...

Probably you're right Angela it just seems a difficult task to teach people that less is more when we are constantly brainwashed that we need more, however, nothing is impossible.

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