Friday, April 03, 2009


Generosity - noun liberality of nature, the quality of being free and unstinting with one's possessions, money, time; nobleness of nature, magnanimity; a generous act.

From the Chambers dictionary

Life always throws amazing opportunities at us. I personally never thought of the grand gifts I would receive through my blog. Some may have been too obvious others were not, but all in all it is surprising.
What is more surprising is the generosity of human heart. That is sometimes just so hard to understand, it is more unexpected than anything else. I know I have screwed up many times, but if that heart that I may have hurt in some unknown way is out there listening I would like to know it was never intended so, you have been kind and caring and I felt the same.

Also there is another heart that is big and caring and loving and I want to say thank you*, and I believe next to generosity in the dictionary there should be your name.


P.S. Words are simply insufficient in this case.


Lorri said...

You have a caring and kind heart.

I know, from experience.

Richard said...

I findametnally expect people to be good and decent, though ... my experience has tought me to be cautious.

I also have found blogging to have connected me with many really interesting people. And that is good. Mind you, a random stroll through blogs reveals many quite scary ones.

CG said...

Lorri my husband keeps reminding me that I am awfully selfish!
Richard I expect people to be good and decent too, but it doesn't mean they are, unfortunately unlike you, I haven't learned my lessons.

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