Wednesday, November 19, 2008


There is a proverb in Lithuania: " a word is not a sparrow, you can't catch it, once it left your mouth" for some it may be difficult to understand, but the allegory is clear for those who will bother to stop and think for a minute.
We have arguments almost everyday with someone. Sometimes we say things that later we wish to take back, but instead those words settle in someone's heart and come out when least expected. I'm not perfect, never pretended to be, I have also said many silly things, and sometimes I realise just how stupid I am for it.
As (almost professional) writer I know the value of words, they can crush or raise people, they can destroy someone's career or even marriage, but also they have a power of making people feel happy or uplifted. The power single word is never or very rarely considered before it's out. In fact in this fast paced world, we seem to be unable to find time to weigh each and every word we say, even though we should.
A nasty word can bring you down, and take all the confidence away, for days if not for the rest of your life, and for some people like me, the power of words seem to be unknown. No matter how skilled I am while handling these combinations on paper or computer screen, I am actually a total verbal invalid and can't think quick enough or produce the right words at the right time. It has always been that way, and I always come up with something good to say, only two hours too late. I suppose it's an element of life, the verbal interaction, the battle of words, and if you are not very good at it, you may apear like a complete loser. But please do not judge a book by it's cover, there is so much more to it.
I realised (only) today, that the people who constantly put other people down to bring themselves up, are simply the most insecure creatures of them all. They're so affraid of the thruth showing, that they cover it with think layers of verbal abuse. I should feel sorry for those people, rather than be affraid of them. It's my lesson, my homework for a long time, it took me time enough to realise this, now I just have to learn to implement this lesson in daily life and not worry if I can't think quick enough.
A word can be strong or weak, but the pen is still mightier than the sword!

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