Thursday, November 20, 2008

Graham Clarke

He is my new favourite writer/artist. And it has nothing to do with his name and everything to do with me accidentally coming across one of his books at school. It is so much fun reading as well as looking at the pictures I do not see this book going back to school any time soon.

The humour is brilliant. The book is called Graham Clarke's Grand Tour and if you will ever have an opportunity to buy this book do so with no hesitation, as it is absolutely hilarious, obviously if you do find yourself handicapped in the humour department please do not look at this amazing stuff as you may find yourself totally insulted and upset.

I intend to scan some of the pictures and frame them at home, they are too good not to. Graham (my Graham) almost cut them out, but he was told that for such behaviour he may have his hands chopped of and end up in the book abusers hell which is way hotter than an ordinary hell. I will not tollerate such behaviour in my home. Scanning will be perfect and every time I will look at my lousy reproductions (sorry Mr. Clarke you better send me a food parcel as I am not only, not English, but also can't afford your amazing works) they will make me laugh. I'm glad I dragged it home (the book that is). This was the first bed time story I heard in years (again, please, Mr. Clarke, do not take this as an insult, simply my husband is one of those lucky people who were born in England and can read really nicely in English, he makes so much more fun!).

I might be writing about this more soon. (but no more notes/badly written open letters to anyone... I promise!)

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