Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Black and shiny

While I was out and about in Vilnius getting my hands on my new/old little car, I paid a visit to my favourite English food shop Marks and Spencer. Apart from buying enough English food to fill my cupboards up until Christmas (as a treat for my husband), I purchased this lovely SUPER-SIZE black and shiny bag, where you could fit a whole kitchen sink in and have some space left over. In other words any sensible woman's dream bag.
Since I purchased this bag, I have noticed, that more and more of my female students at school started carrying huge handbags. I'm not saying I'm a trend setter, but rather pointing out, that I'm not alone in needing a huge bag, to fill it with junk, important stuff and dreams. Oh yes I do carry all my dreams in my bag with me.
M&S said something really nice about this cheap and cheerful, yet practical bag:
Fashionable and fabulous, this patent handbag is designed in one of this season's key shapes. It's strong and practical as well as a trend-conscious accessory. Get the latest look!
However their job is to sell it, so I hardly believe they would say something bad about it.
I'm so pleased with it, and so short of ideas to write on my blog that I had to post it about my second new friend (the first is the car). I sound like a material girl, but I just love buying things. I could buy and buy and buy if I had the money, but instead I have to work and work and work, so I can just afford the minimu of the stuff that I need, i.e. winter coat, as currently the temperature if just holding on to 2 degrees celcius, once it drops to minus, car or no car, bag or no bag. I will freeze. I love Marks and Sparks, and I miss England, very much.

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Lorri said...

I like M&S, and when I was in England four years ago, my handbag broke, and I ended up buying one there to use. I still have it, although I don't use it any more. I made good use of it for a long time.

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