Friday, September 05, 2008

MENIU.LT - Gordon Ramsey: I wouldn't even let the Buckingham palace chef to chop my onions

Translated version:

Gordon Ramsey is the kind of guy who is never short for words. World famous chef is known not only as the biggest producer of swear words, but also as a brilliant chef, who has collected many Michelin stars (if you put them all together there would be 12!). Ramsey couldn't keep his mouth shut even after receiving his OBE.

The celebrity chef was invited to the Buckingham palace to receive his very royal title (OBE) but soon after receiving it he started complaining that he was forced to try the royal canapes, that are made by a very lousy chef of the Queen's. About the royal snacks Ramsey said: Unfortunately you've got to do the canapes, which are shockingly s***. They looked prehistoric, like 300 years old.

The star also complained that he tried to get rid of the hideous canape before the Queen approached him, sadly that horrible thing was totally unchewable: "You couldn't spit it out on the carpet for God's sake."

52 year old Ramsey told about his misfortunes to the US chat show host Jay Leno. According to Ramsey the bad food spoiled the whole ceremony for him and added: You don't actually get to know who's cooking for the Queen, but I'd never employ him. I'd never give him a job.
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