Thursday, September 04, 2008

How I wish

So many times I tried to buy your love
- in vain
So many times I did the things I did not want to do
- to please you
So many times I cried at night because I could not understand
Too many times I said "I love you" without hearing you respond
And still, no matter how hard I try no to, -
I love you with the whole essence of myself
Oh Mother! How I wish you knew how to love me in return!

1 comment:

Richard said...

Sometimes we cannot have what we want. Sometimes it is better to just accept that and move forward. It doesn't hurt any less, but at least we can move forward.

I have read some about your relationship with your mother, in the end, I would say, just let her be. don't try to buy her affection or admiration. Just let her be who she is and move on with your own life. If she grows old and lonely and misses out on you and your life, then it is her fault, not yours.

Don't beat yourself up for the problems of others. Everyone must make the best of their life, but we cannot force others, even though we see they are wrong.

Take care.

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