Friday, May 02, 2008

What I've been up to...

Last two weeks I had enough to do, to stop me from sleeping, eating and even smoking. That must be something. I work as an English teacher in a grammar school, while in the meantime pursuing my writing career which in fact is going pretty well.
Please lets not talk about school right now, I will tell you more when I am ready, however I'd like to tell you all what's happening in my writing life.
I had two articles that I have been paid for published last month. I have produced further three for this month, one of them being a cover story. That's not it. I am still to deliver two articles on travel the coming week, as well as suggest articles on th European theme for another magazine, but there is still more! From mid May I will be writing a series of articles on Lithuanian coastal towns... However I have more to tell! I will soon be a fashion editor! I will have my own page for fashion as well as two pages for travel, for me only, every week! However there are even more important things. I met the director of the publishing company, that publishes two newspapers and a magazine, I am already writing for them, but I really impressed the guy with my way of thinking, so he wants me to do more. Their paper will be expanding to Klaipeda (where I live) in the near future and guess what? He wants me to become a full time employee for their newspaper in Klaipeda! But this is not all. I told him about Mr. Weatherman and he is really interested. He wants it translated for him and he is checking out how he could publish it.
So yeah, my laziness related to blogging can be justified. There is even more happening, but my writing skills shouldn't be exhausted too much and I should keep some tension here.
I'll try to find time to blog however please remember I am juggling two jobs, marriage and motherhood of two boxer dogs and some time alone, I am human after all. I have been working the last two months a lot, to get here, and I am happy, really satisfied with myself. It tires me yet, it's better to get tired and reach the goals than be never tired and never happy, because it is a relief, for me, to crash out every night, knowing I achieved something during the day.
I am one very happy writer.
I promise, to read and comment on other blogs soon, I just need some time to breath.


La Belette Rouge said...

Congratulations to you on your writing life. And, not only are you writing but you are now a fashion editor. Really impressive. sincere congrats to you!!!

Richard said...

I am very happy for you. As usual, you manage to inspire me with your achievements and enthusiasm.

I continue to hope that all goes well for you.

Personally, I think you are much better off living a real life, accomplishing and achieving real things, rather than existing in a virtual world.

On the other hand, also give yourself time to rest. People (and that includes me) are very good at over-exerting themselves when the feel good and then succumbing to burnout or a crash. Managing a balance is difficult - regardless of where you are in your life.

carra said...

Thank you La Belette Rouge fashion editor sounds so cool except, that the way I look this moment I think they'd sack me :)
Richard You are such a great support for me, it is so great to know someone, who like you continuously supports me. Don't worry I spent this weekend being pretty lazy, just one article and a book :) I know I can't over do, because I will pay for it sooner or later, so been sleeping in.

Richard said...

I am not being supportive. I am genuinely inspired by your achievements. While there are many things I do on my own, there are other things where I need inspiration, where I need to be pushed of to be lead by example. You are leading by example.

carra said...

Richard you are giving way too much credit for me. I can't be an example, i make mistakes! Examples don't do that, I would die if editors and proof readers didn't exist, I'd never get published in any language. But thank you, my ego, is purring.

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