Thursday, April 17, 2008

Congratulate me!

I've got a job. I'll start on Monday. I can't believe it. I also have a deal with a paper to provide them with series of articles on travel destinations abroad, as well as a series on Lithuanian coastal towns. Two more articles on automotive to write until Monday. I'll be busy, busy, but it will be worth it in the end.


Richard said...

Good for you!

I hope things continue to work out well for you and you always continue to be inspired to achieve.

Pumpkin Pie said...

Congratulations, indeed!

Wow, you have come so far.
I am happy for you.

b said...

Carra, this is great news. I am so happy that this opportunity has worked out for you. I am so proud of you and look forward to hearing more. Know that I am always rooting for you and thinking of you!

carra said...

Richard thank you so much. I will certainly continue on working towards that direction!

Pumpkin haven't seen you for ages... Thank you!

B I thought I could hear in my mind someone going: "go on girl, you can do it" it must have been you. Thank you. I will update you more on it, over the weekend.

I feel so tired, I had to push myself to do something. I have a busy weekend ahead but today I am celebrating!

b said...

Yes, that voice was definitely mine and no doubt many others cheering you on. I look forward to hearing more about it all. I'm sure you feel drained. You do have so much going on. But be sure to take that time to celebrate. You so deserve it! Cheers!

jayant said...

Hey Carra, Congrats!!!!

It feels really good to know, especially after knowing how you've persisted with it over the past year with your never say die attitude.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Congratulations! So happy to know you enjoy the blog and appreciate you finally commenting!
How is your friend in the shed. My Mom has a guy in the city (chicago) that she brings a sandwich to every time she goes. He is always at the same intersection with a sign that he is hungry. I loved the meatloaf idea...and I love your blog! I just came for my first visit and as a matter of fact I have a reading goal for the year and P and P is on it!!!! Happy to have found you.

carra said...

I am sorry for not getting back sooner, things have been hectic however I am catching up. The thing is with two jobs it's hard to find time for anything, and there will be even more work from next week.

B, thank you for your support we have been going through this so long and it's finally happening! I miss you!

Jayant thanks for your support and friendship it is really appreciated, I haven't forgotten you. Your e-mails are always replied to ASAP!

Parisienne I am glad you came by and saw who I trully am, I still help the woman in the shed. She sells books in the market place, so now I buy them from her. I know where to find here, where to take a sandwich. I am cautious not to hurt her, but she is so lovely!

Thank you all, it is really so much appreciated!

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