Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Olive Press - Telefonica The New Spanish Inquisition


Richard said...

It is less nefarious than you think. Filtering and blocking software is very hard to create, mostly because contextual understanding of terms is so difficult.

Typically, the easiest way to block sites is to block specific sites rather than general terms - which is what I would suspect.

The way I would suspect it works is that when people access a site they find offensive, they notify Kangaroo about it. It is more likely that people are searching out subtle dark influences, like witchcraft rather than the more obvious explicit pr0n.

It is common human behaviour, people don't seem notice the obvious, but see as plainly obvious ridiculously complex and subtle influences and chains of events (conspiracies).

The only place I experience blocking is at work and, since I speak with the IT people, I know how difficult it is for them to balance blocking unauthorized sites and allowing people the freedom to do their work.

A fairly major irritant for me is the way Google seems to monitor searches. I like to see the search terms that bring people to my site and sometimes search on them myself, but when I do that, Google seems to penalize me by dropping me from the search rankings.

I can understand Google not wanting me to unduly influence my ranking by searching and clicking on myself, but I find their approach quite Draconian – since I do not need to click through, just search. However, knowing the search term is not sufficient for me, I also want to know the context in which the search term was found (that little snippet Google shows the world).

Anonymous said...

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