Thursday, April 10, 2008

Making Things Work

Trying to make things work and believing in yourself is hard work. After exactly a month in this apartment (meaning a month and a day in Lithuania) I have achieved:
  • A regular (paid) position on a contract basis writing for a newspaper in Lithuania
  • An offer (starting May) for a full time (paid) position (working from home) for an automotive magazine in Lithuania
  • A local library membership
  • One English student
  • One friend
  • A few beautifully cooked dinners (by me)
  • Two sets of invitations for two (one of them being VIP) to exhibitions
  • Visited cinema 3 times
  • Wrote two articles so far, with another three to be written in the near future
  • Read two books, about Klaipeda city, a big fat document on South Baltic Cross-Border Co-Operation Programme, currently reading Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, and another four books waiting to be read.
  • Been to one museum
  • Found another article of mine that was published that I did not know about
  • E-mailed over 150 perspective employers and received five inconclusive replies.
  • Tried smoking a cigar and loved it.
  • Started a photoblog.
  • Spent lots of money and earned very little.
I am so tired that I did not know how to put things together. I did not know where to start. I feel good about what I have achieved, as once I listed almost everything, I can see that I have done a lot. At least in comparison to my boring days in Spain. I could do with some extra students and some more cash. Slowly but surely I know, just that slowly appears to be, a little too slow.


jayant said...

What an achievement Carra!!!
and NO,i'm NOT being sarcastic when I say that.
the thought of writing professionally starts a thrill in me,as its something I always wanted to do.

and please excuse for not commenting all this while,as the interest in blogging was somewhat dying but thanks to you, it's back now:)

carra said...

Jayan I did fear when I read the first sentence that you were being sarcastic, however I am relieved :) Blogging is like a bad habit, we can give it up, but we always go back to it after a while...

Richard said...

As usual, you inspire with your ability to achieve things. Good for you (and inspiring for me).

carra said...

How can I inspire you, there is nothing to be inspired about!

Richard said...

What do you mean there is nothing to be inspired about?

You are doing things. Doing is much better than dreaming.

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