Monday, April 07, 2008

Diana was unlawfully killed by careless driving of Henri Paul and the Paprazzi

This inquest took long enough.

Diana's death was caused by unlawful killing, by the recklessness of Henri Paul's and the papparazzis driving.

The verdict has been announced, only 9 of the eleven members of the jury agreed on the verdict. Let's hope they will leave the memory of the unfortunate princess alone.

Let's see what the conspiracy theorists will say.


Richard said...

Conspiracists will only see this as more evidence that they are right, because they choose not to interpret their views in light of the facts, but to interpret the facts in light of their views.

It is a common human trait: we cling to our ideas / tribe / country, right or wrong.

carra said...

Richard I suppose you are right, it simply makes me wander whether a view/belief/idea and so on can be either wrong or right. Surely in some way what one believes is right in their mind?

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