Thursday, December 13, 2007


Today was my third wedding anniversary.It is not a big deal for anyone else but it is for me. Three years ago I said I do, and I would say it again today. No matter how many struggles come our way, not matter how hot are our arguments, or how passionate the love is, we are still together, even when so many people hoped we wouldn't.
For better or worse...

Marriage is hard work and requires effort, it is not all pink coloured as some people may want you to believe, it is a partnership like in business, where you respect each other for the features that you don't have, you love each other because you already know all the flows in one another, you need one another because together you are stronger than apart -- this is marriage, not a cute looking couple on a cover of a magazine.


Richard said...

Happy anniversary!

Not many people get married in December (a friend of mine did).

Yes, marriage is something you have to work at every single day. It has good times, it has bad times.

I believe both parties have to be willing to give 100% and not just meet half way at 50%. There are lots of days when we are not up to giving our full contribution. If we give 100%, then there is lots of overlap. When we only give 50%, then there will be many days when we just don't connect.

Hope you have many more anniversaries and may they be always filled with treasured memories.

carra said...

Thank you Richard. We got married in December because on that day (December 13th) it was exactly a year since we met. I agree with you about the giving part, marriage is a two way street one can't just take.
Thank you Richard I hope us to have many more anniversaries too!

b said...

Happy Anniversary, mon amie!!

jayant said...

Hey Carra, Congrats!!!

Even my parents got married in December(12th) and they had their 27th anniversary days ago..
Well,I cant tell wht marriage is like but I wish you people be together till eternity(n keep posting [:)])
I will be quite regular here for the next month so hope to read a lot from u

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