Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Brainless? Just playing around!

I am registered with Facebook that I check whenever I am bothered enough, and today after looking at my porfile I found this compare application. Apparently my peers have voted me to be:

1st in "Who is more cuddly"
2nd in "Who has prettier eyes"
2nd in "Who is more likely to win in a fight"
2nd in "Who is a harder worker"
2nd in "Who is more creative"
2nd in "Who am I more jealous of"
2nd in "Who has a better laugh"
2nd in "Who would I rather be trapped on a desert island with"
3rd in "Who would I rather sleep with"
3rd in "Who is better at science"
3rd in "Who has a better body"
3rd in "Who is hotter"
3rd in "Who is more fashionable"
3rd in "Who is cuter"
3rd in "Who would I rather kiss"
4th in "Who is smarter"

I am obviously not very smart in other people's eyes, nor am I fashionable or cute, but I am cuddly, creative, hardworking and have pretty eyes. Lovely. That shot my confidence through the roof.

The truth is I am too busy to write something sensible, I am supposed to deliver two articles tomorrow, that is good, except the fact that I have only about 10 lines done, and yes an introduction for my book that isn't really mine. Anyway there is a lot of stuff going on, that I will write about sometime soon, once I get on top.


b said...

Do you know these people on Facebook, as in, have you met them in person and been friends for a considerable amount of time? Those voting things can be very superficial and please don't think me condescending for saying so. We each have our own perceptions of what "cuddly" or "creative" is, just as with "cute" and "hot." There is no true hierarchy, really, despite the socially constructed standards of such. Rather, I think we each have our own standards and perceive people in different ways than others.

Okay, that was kind of a tangent! :) You know I think the world of you but you don't need me to vote to know that!

Sounds like you are keeping busy with all the articles and projects. Very exciting and as always, I'm very proud of you!

carra said...

Darling, yea the person (as I found out there was only one) who did the thingie, has known me for almost five years. He organized a birthday party for me when I was turning 18 and traveled 1000km extra just to cheer me up when I was miserable in France (the summer of 2003). We have been drunk , shared a tent and a bed (no not that kind of way) together, but I think he knows me pretty well!
He always makes me laugh, in fact he is the only useful Lithuanian I ever met. Oh he is going to love this when he reads it!

b said...

Oh, no. I truly hope I did not offend. So, this survey is based on one person's perception? Well, my comment still holds its merit, I believe. We each see one another in our own way. Who they truly are (including how intelligent, cuddly, creative, etc.) is really formed by our own experiences and unique perception. And that can be both good, bad, and everything in between. I'm sure he values you very much. And to be an antagonist, sometimes those people who we are "closest" to, we may not always see fully. That proximity really can affect our scope.

Okay, now I'm just rambling, aren't I? :)

carra said...

No you are not rambling or offending. I was trying to explain that's all. You are right one person's conception can not be correct. It takes more than that. It was just fun to see, what other people think about you when they don't know you are going to find out. Like catching someone while they are gossiping! There are very very few people who really know what I am like. And it is those people that I would phone to in the middle of the night if i needed to talk. ;)

Richard said...

carra wrote: Lovely. That shot my confidence through the roof.

Sounds like irony, but I am not sure.

We are all entitled to the inane post. Actually, we are entitled to whatever post we please on our own blogs.

Ooh! The magic word was spamm. Portent?

carra said...

Richard congratulations you picked it up! My sense of humour is not wasted after all! Just joking. And by the way Richard I have been reading your blog regularly just did not feel intelligent enough to comment. Time to change that!

Richard said...

Comments always give a good feeling because it means someone cared enough to respond.

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